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September 11, 2019

Don’t Forget Your Oil Change!

What does oil actually do?

We all understand that oil is essential for the health of our cars, but the potential impacts of not keeping up with an oil change and why oil changes are so important typically elude most people. Oil acts as the engine’s lubricant, flowing through thousands of engine components. This concept can be best compared to blood running through the entire body and all of its organs, we would not be able to live without blood reaching our organs! This continuous stream of oil throughout the engine allows heat to be carried away and optimizes the operational function of the engine’s parts, resulting in a vehicle that has a longer life and runs smoothly. Unfortunately, as the oil runs through the engine, dirt and other small pieces of debris accumulate in the oil. Dirty oil performs poorly in lubricating the parts of the engine and it is increasingly difficult for the oil to reach certain parts of the engine. Therefore, oil doesn’t stay clean for the lifespan of the vehicle and an oil change must be made every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. 

How does oil effect my vehicle?

Although this constant replacement of oil is the least expensive auto maintenance item, it does not erase the fact that oil changes can be put on the back burner. It is essential to keep up with an oil change as there are devastating effects of dirty oil or lack of oil. If the oil isn’t changed, there are intense problems with the engine that can result. The most common problem that occurs is heating of the engine’s parts. This increased temperature of parts negatively affects the efficiency of the engine, and over time, the parts will warp and wear.

As time goes on, if the oil isn’t changed, the entire engine may break down and cease to operate. The solution for this is to replace or rebuild the engine, which takes long hours and thousands of dollars. This hefty repair generally leads people to selling their vehicle to a scrap yard or purchasing a new car and the vicious cycle of poor engine maintenance persists.This poor type of car maintenance leads to a future of many expensive car repairs. 

Oil changes don’t have to be a hassle!

While the highlighted problems are both scary and costly, luckily there is great news! Getting an oil change is inexpensive and incredibly quick. Traditional oil changes consist of visiting an auto maintenance shop and sitting in a waiting room that offers terrible coffee. This process can take hours and with the busy schedules many people face, oil changes can be forgotten or prolonged. Fortunately, oil changes nowadays can take no time out of your day by on site mobile oil changes!