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September 01, 2017

3 Facts Florida Car Owners Should Know When Changing Their Oil

One thing is for sure (although I sometimes wonder why) car oil is subjected to misinformation and lack of transparency than any other aspect of auto maintenance. This is a problem since using the right oil and regular oil changes are essential to the longevity and health of your vehicle. So today, I aim to clear the air a bit and focus on 10 ways Florida car owners can better maintain their vehicles.

  1. Change your oil and go with heavier viscosity. 
    1. Is there really a benefit to using a higher viscosity in hot climate locations such as Florida when change your oil? Well friends the answer is yes; in the winter months, your oil can get thick like molasses which can be an issue for pumps and oil movement inside the engine, the opposite is true for summer where lighter oil can break down in the heat and not provide proper protection. As a result, you want to make sure your Florida vehicle sticks to 5w-30 unless specified otherwise. Fortunately, our weather does not fluctuate much… so just stay constant and trust your technician. With that said, a lot of modern cars and oil are very effective across all weather types, and new engines are designed and tested to work best with oil specified in the owner’s manual.antique in garage
  1. Stop the Battle! Conventional every 3 – Synthetic every 6. It’s that simple. 
    1. If you are using conventional oil please try to give your engine some love and lube it every 3,000 miles. If you are synthetic, simply double that to 6,000. The fact is, an oil change is way cheaper than a new engine. Don’t risk it, keep it consistent. Plus, you can make it easy with Carjoy (Auto maintenance anytime, anywhere).Calendar on desk
  2. New oil only.
    1. If you must use traditional shops (specially discount shops). Simply ask them one question; Do you use recycled oil?
    2. Is this a huge problem? No, and on occasion recycled oil can be cleaned to a decent state. BUT, as I stated above “oil change is way cheaper than a new engine. Don’t risk it, keep it consistent” and treat your engine right.Oil filter can

There’s plenty more, but here I wanted to provide the 3 crucial rules to better oil maintenance. As always, Carjoy follows all these rules and is here to support you and your lifestyle. Have questions? Shoot as an email at Hello@getcarjoy.com