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August 07, 2017

A Customers’ Tragic Tale On Traditional Auto Maintenance

Before I stopped being an automotive “dummy,” my family car, Big Green Feller, resided for its first 35,000 miles in a commercial garage where professional mechanics looked after it. Whenever they said that the car needed the oil changed, I scheduled the work promptly. Yet when I took the engine apart in an adult-education automotive class, I found that the mechanics had never changed the oil! This lack of proper lubrication had led to big trouble: The dirty old oil had formed big, black pebbles, and the camshaft had practically worn away! When this happens, either you opt for major and expensive surgery or you get rid of the vehicle. As I sadly watched Big Green Feller vanish into the sunset, the major question on my mind was, “How did this happen?”

The answer, unfortunately, was that I’d depended on someone else for lubrication reminders and had trusted someone else to do the job properly. Not only had I been paying at least twice as much as I should, but I ended up paying to replace a car that could have gone almost twice as far if it had been lubricated properly.

Here comes Carjoy – What I love about Carjoy is that the technicians are both required to pick-up and document the supplies and oil, and take pictures which are delivered to me after each service. I pay upfront for what I need and know exactly what I will receive.