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June 18, 2019

What Car Most Resembles Your Favorite Game of Thrones Character?

Game of Thrones: Car Edition

Sadly, Sunday, May 19, marked the culmination of many people’s journey into the world of Westeros. After HBO aired the final episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, based on the best-selling book series by George R.R. Martin, we said goodbye to so many of our beloved GoT characters.

“But what does this have to do with cars?” you may be asking. Well, I thought it would be interesting to say farewell to some of my favorite characters in (soon to be typical) Carjoy fashion — by comparing them to cars with similar attributes. Feel free to also comment on who you think most “resembles” their car, if you have a different opinion on the car choice, and, most importantly, who really should have sat on the Iron Throne when the final end credits ran.

1. Davos Seaworth

2019 Ram 1500

MSRP: Starting at $42,740

The 2019 Ram 1500 is a no-nonsense, practical, reliable and capable workhouse. It also has the most towing and hauling capability ever in a Ram 1500, as well as improved efficiency and exceptional available off-road capability. So, like Ser Davos, this Ram 1500 has the grit to take on any task.

2. Queen Cersei Lannister

2019 Mercedes-Benz S 560 4MATIC Sedan

MSRP: Starting at $104,350

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the one car every car aspires to be – luxe interior, sublime engines and plenty of active-safety features. It can change lanes with a tap of your finger. Slow itself for a tollbooth or exit. Turn a traffic jam into easy street. And watch out for danger ahead, even when it’s coming from behind. That’s a must-have for the regal yet ruthless Queen Cersei, who constantly has enemies to fend off.

3. Jaime Lannister

2019 Mercedes AMG S 63 Cabriolet

MSRP: Starting at $180,100

Since Jaime likes to “keep it in the family,” I thought it most appropriate to put him in another Mercedes—this time an AMG S 63 Cabriolet. The purebred performance of AMG meets the open passion of the S-Class Cabriolet in the 603-hp AMG S 63. Each biturbo V8 is crafted by a single pair of hands, while AMG Performance 4MATIC+ makes it swift and sure on its feet. As Jaime liked to say, ”People have been swinging at me for years and they always seem to miss.”

4. Tyrion Lannister

2019 MINI Hardtop John Cooper Works 2dr

MSRP: Starting at $32,400

The standard features of the MINI Hardtop John Cooper Works include 2.0L I-4 228hp intercooled turbo engine, 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), side seat mounted airbags, 17″ aluminum wheels, ABS and driveline traction control, electronic stability. All of these things make it the perfect small but zippy car for Tyrion, though it does come with a hefty starting price tag of over $32K. Fortunately, as Tyrion so often reminded us, “A Lannister always pays his debts.”

5. Arya Stark

2019 Subaru WRX STI

MSRP: Starting at $36,595

Much like her trusted sword Needle, Arya would most certainly drive a car that shared similar features: fast, precise and compact. The Subaru WRX STI also includes a 310-hp turbocharged SUBARU BOXER engine, Symmetrical AWD with Driver Controlled Center Differential and a 6-piston high-performance braking system. That turbo engine does impact its fuel economy, though, with the vehicle garnering about 22 MPG on the highway and 17 in the city. No matter. What do we say to high mpgs…not today!

6. Sansa Stark

2002 Pontiac Firebird Formula

Though Sansa may have started out as a “littlebird,” this fiery vixen came back with a vengeance in later seasons of Game of Thrones. Why not put her in a sports car emblazoned with a bird literally on fire on the hood. Sadly, despite its amazing features—including 310-hp 5.7-liter V-8 engine, 340-lb of torque, 4-speed automatic (or 5-speed manual) transmission, performance suspension tuning, leather seats, and removable roof panels—the Firebird was discontinued by Pontiac in 2002. Enthusiasts can still find them sold by previous owners.

7. Bran Stark

2019 Volvo V90 Cross Country

MSRP: Starting at $52,550

Packed with versatility, rugged styling, and all-road capability, the Volvo V90 Cross Country has enough space and maneuverability to get Bran, Hodor and the rest of his merry crew through the harsh elements of “The North” and “Beyond the Wall.” Even better this Volvo is equipped with Semi-autonomous pilot assist II, which could conceivably provide Bran steering assistance when he has one of those “three-eyed raven” moments.

8. Varys

2019 Fiat 124 Spider Classica

MSRP: Starting at $25,190

A roadster with street cred, the Fiat 124 Spider Classica is just the right balance between luxury, performance, and safety for Varys, also known as the Spider. “A very small man can cast a very large shadow,” which also is true for this Fiat—1.4L turbo engine delivers 160HP and 184 LB-FT of torque. It’s not as loud as you’d imagine, though, perfect for the Master of Whisperers.

9. Daenerys Targaryen

2019 Tesla Model X

MSRP: Starting at $81,000

The “Mother of Dragons” deserves to zoom about in a vehicle that’s not only luxurious but also looks like it could literally fly. Enter: Tesla’s Model X. Tesla’s all-electric powertrain delivers unparalleled performance in all weather conditions, with Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, adaptive air suspension, and has the quickest acceleration of any SUV on the road—from zero to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds. It even has falcon wing doors, so it looks like it’s flying. As we all know, Dani didn’t come to stop the wheel, but break it!

10. Jon Snow

Tesla Model Y

MSRP: Starting at $48,000

It seems only fitting that Jon also gets a Tesla (what’s with GoT characters “keeping it in the family” anyway?), but the White Wolf provides maximum versatility and safety for an all-electric vehicle. With a low center of gravity, rigid body structure and large crumple zones, the Model Y provides unparalleled protection. It also has two ultra-responsive, independent electric motors that digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels—for far better handling, traction and stability control. Model Y, like Jon, is capable of maneuvering in rain, snow, mud and off-road.